New Tech Pool Tile Cleaning entered the pool tile cleaning industry in 2005.  We have seen many different techniques, but we have seen nothing that compares with the quality of our current process for pool tile cleaning.

James, the founder of our company, formerly cleaned paint off classic cars using baking soda (which is the same process used to clean the Statue of Liberty).  While working on these delicate surfaces, James learned the importance of choosing the correct blasting media.  Soda blasting was safe on the metal, chrome, and even the glass of these classic cars, but it also removed the unwanted paint and left the underlying surface undamaged and looking brand new!

One day James was asked about cleaning calcium lines off pool tile.  Some people who had their pool tile cleaned with glass bead blasting noticed permanent damage on their delicate pool tile and wondered if there was a gentler process. James quickly went to work soda blasting and showed them how easily calcium deposits could be removed without any damage to their pool tile.

However, James soon discovered that soda blasting disrupted the water chemistry (especially the pH) and killed nearby plants from overspray.  He researced other blasting media and discovered a substance that did not affect water chemistry, did not etch or damage the pool tile, and that was environmentally friendly and safe to use.

James was soon noticed by other established companies such as Pebble Tec because this new process worked so well.  New Tech Pool Tile Cleaning was the first company trusted by Pebble Tec to clean glass pool tile, all Pebble Tec surfaces, ceramic pool tile, and boulders.

Need a professional to clean your delicate pool tile today? Contact New Tech Pool Tile Cleaning.  James can be reached at 480-710-6989 and Kevin at 480-788-1117.  Feel free to email us at

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